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Excavation is something best left to the professionals but not just any other expert – only the best one. Considering the sensitive and urgent nature of the task, it’s imperative to hire a reliable excavation Spokane company for the job. 

We’ve been providing excavation services in Spokane for years now, having helped multiple clients even out their lands for building their dream projects. Our main purpose is to manage all your excavation needs while guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. 

From equipment to process, every aspect of our excavation Spokane service caters to your needs. Our process has been developed and refined over the years by professionals in the field. 

As for the equipment, we keep up with modern technology, using the best and most updated equipment to ensure satisfactory results. Owing to your strategic planning, we have – quite proudly – never received a negative review from any of our clients to date. 

Whether it’s a one-time project or a recurring task, you can count on us to meet all your Spokane excavation requirements. 

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Land Clearing & Site Prep

Prepping the site typically entails land excavation, grading and leveling, and stabilization.


Drainage & Utilities

Our process includes site assessment, excavation, storage, and site reinstatement.


Foundation & Basements

Damaged foundation or need waterproofing? Our experts can help you out!


Demolition & Hauling

Our team of demolition experts always take in architectural considerations.

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About us: Your local excavation contractors

We’re a team of Spokane excavation contractors who’re dedicated to providing you excavation solutions. Our comprehensive range of services includes hauling, demolition, land clearing, site preparation, utilities, and drainage. 

Whether it’s a residential or a commercial project, all you have to do is share your concerns with us, and we’ll get to work. Since our crew has worked on multiple Spokane excavation projects, we’re fully equipped to manage any extent of the excavation project. 

We’re among those excavation contractors Spokane WA who’re thoroughly familiar with all tips and tricks of the trade. We realize the necessity of taking environmental considerations into account. 

That’s why our strategic planning involves waste management, quality assessment, and post-excavation inspection. Being certified experts, we make it our top-most priority to ensure that our clients are on the same page as us. 

When working on your land, we don’t leave you in the dark. Rather, our representatives will be in touch with you at every step of the project, maintaining the necessary communication. 

Trusted Excavation Spokane Contractors

Why choose us? We are not merely self-proclaimed best Spokane excavation contractors. It’s the testimonials from our clients that have entitled us to this position. We understand that excavations are dangerous, and they can wreak havoc if not done properly. 

That’s why we have a fully streamlined workflow that we follow to ensure the success and safety of our project. Apart from that, here are the reasons you should hire us for your next Spokane Valley excavation

Long-Term Experience

Unlike some other amateur and inexperienced excavation Spokane WA contractors, we have worked in the field for years. Our crew’s expertise is our biggest strength, and we’re proud to share their experience with our clients in the first consultation. Owing to our expertise, we have ample knowledge of handling any excavation job, no matter how big or small it is.


Besides certification, we also have insurance for our crew. We realize that excavations are risky since they involve costly equipment and heavy machinery. Furthermore, unintended accidents might occur during excavations, so it’s best to be prepared. Since our motto is customer satisfaction, we rid you of this worry.

License and Certification

Since excavation involves the operation of heavy machinery, licenses are mandatory. You may request to learn more about our licensing and certification during your first meeting with us. Rest assured, all our crew is certified for excavation and has adequate knowledge of digging and building codes. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

Competitive Pricing

We won’t promise you the lowest excavation prices since the process requires high expenses. Any Spokane excavation contractors offering you ridiculously low prices are shady, and you shouldn’t trust them. In fact, we encourage you to compare quotes from different companies because we’re confident in our pricing.

Our excavation Process

Since it’s mostly a long-term task, our excavation process begins with a consultation. Before we do anything to your land, we want to make sure we fully understand your needs. For that, we schedule a consultation with you and discuss the scope of the project. 

In the consultation, we also quote an estimated cost and talk about the required equipment. If you have any questions, this is the best time to ask our experts. 

Following that, we come to the excavation site to inspect it. Inspection is extremely necessary since it ensures that any nearby artifacts or natural habitats are not destroyed in the process. 

Once we’ve ruled out this concern, we start planning for the size and the depth of the excavation. Our team will mark the boundaries while communicating the plan with you too. 

Finally, once we’ve marked everything, we get to work. The process may differ depending on the project, but this is our standard. 

To finish off the task, we perform a thorough cleanup of the excavation site. During the process, a lot of waste and dirt comes up to the surface. It may include concrete slabs, plastic waste, and tree stumps. 

You can’t have all this junk lying around on your property. But don’t worry; we’ve got it covered. 

In providing Spokane County excavation, we ensure that the nearby properties are neither harmed nor affected. That includes not leaving any waste behind. Moreover, different regions also have specific regulations about the correct handling of this material. 

Since we’re familiar with these guidelines, unlike some amateur Spokane excavation contractors, we’ll take care of the discarded material. 

Once we finish the project, we inspect it again to check if we’ve met your requirements completely. If any final adjustments or changes are required, this is where we go in and do them. 

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