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Are you planning to tear down your old warehouse and convert it into something more practical and functional? Now that’s something you can’t do yourself, and you shouldn’t even have to. 

Among other excavation contractors Spokane WA, we stand out due to our keen focus on customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and attention to detail. 

Demolition is not merely the destruction of a structure. It encompasses many other aspects, such as cleanup and architectural considerations too. Fortunately, our team consists of many demolition experts who know how to perfect the task from start to finish. 

While all excavation companies in Spokane WA focus on safety, we go a step further and make it our priority. Our safety considerations are not only limited to the demolition process but before and after it too. 



During the process, we take extreme care to ensure no harm is inflicted upon the plumbing and electrical lines. After the demolition, we clean up the area to eliminate any risk to the environment or human life.



Waste management is an important aspect of demolition and hauling since it’s unethical and illegal to leave the waste unattended. Depending on the waste that the site accumulates, we discard, recycle, and reuse it accordingly.

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Finally, we inspect the area to ensure it’s ready for further construction. If there are remains of toxic waste, metal or glass shards, or harmful chemicals in the area, we deal with them before rendering the area ready for future constructions. 

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