Drainage & Utilities

Among all other excavation Spokane WA projects, we’re most careful when it comes to drain excavations. Before we start digging, we plan everything to ensure the excavation process runs smoothly without any safety or health problems. 

Our process includes, but is not limited to, the following steps: 


Site Assessment

Whether it’s a Spokane sewer line replacement or another concern, we inspect the area to get to the root of the problem. During this step, we find the right place to dig to avoid as many obstacles as possible. Assessment is necessary to prevent any damage to adjacent utility lines, such as water, electricity, and gas.


Site Excavation

Then, we start excavating for Spokane sewer line replacement using mini excavators or other equipment, as required. While doing this, we ensure there’s no damage inflicted on the nearby pipes. More importantly, we aim to finish the task in a timely manner because having your water supply turned off for a long time can be distressing.



While excavation, we properly store the material we’ve dug out. While most of it goes back to restore the site to its former appearance, the unnecessary materials are discarded responsibly so that they don’t become an environmental hazard.


Site Reinstatement

Finally, we reinstate the site to its original appearance. Plus, we replace any removed tiles, poles, or concrete back to their position so that the area looks neat.

Spokane Excavation Drainage & Utilities

If you are in the Spokane, Washington area and are in need of professional excavation services for a home or commercial project, you can count on us! We would love to help out in any way we can for all of your excavation needs. If you need to get Spokane sewer line replacement or any other drained and utilities excavation services, call us today to schedule a consultation. 

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