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Searching for excavation companies in Spokane WA, for basement and foundation repairs? We’re just a call away. 

Basement excavations become a necessity in some situations, and it’s in your best interest to entrust this responsibility to a contractor that knows what they’re doing. We’ve restored many basements and foundations in our years of service. 

Basement excavation is a tricky process since the overhead structure has to be supported during the process to ensure it doesn’t sustain any damage. Moreover, different regions require homeowners to have specific permits for basement excavations. 

With their expertise and eye for precision, our crew manages to restore your foundation and basement walls. You should get in touch with us if you’re experiencing the following problems:


Damaged Foundation

The foundation forms the basis of your home. Any harm to it will result in an amplified hazard to your property. Over the years, the walls may start settling due to erosion or a shift in soil. If any wall in your basement has started showing signs of settling, you should consult us to find the right solution.



Waterproofing is beneficial for your basement since it prevents mold growth and ensures structural integrity. But some waterproofing procedures involve coating the walls, for which the walls have to be in good condition. If not, you should get in touch with us for our basement excavation services.

Foundation and basement excavation in spokane, wA

It’s not merely our equipment that we take pride in. Our skilled crew is equally responsible for making sure every excavation job is done to perfection with minimal risk involved. 

Call us today to schedule a consultation for your foundation and basement excavation needs. 

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