Land Clearing & Site Prep

Land clearing and site preparation are key steps of construction because they remove obstructions and allow ease of access to construction workers and engineers. Moreover, site prep minimizes damage if you’re building on land with underground pipes and wiring. 

The process normally includes the following steps: 


Land Clearing

In this stage, we clear the land off all vegetation, native habits, boulders, undergrowth, trees, and other elements that might restrict construction.


Site Excavation

In this step, we clear and demolish any existing structures, such as buildings or vegetation. Some other tasks that we perform during this step include land drainage, landfill, leveling, test drilling, and earth moving. Depending on the scope of the project, we might use skid steer loaders, backhoes, bobcats, and mini excavators.



Following excavation, we grade or level the land, making it safe and perfect for construction. For instance, a driveway excavation Spokane WA is followed by grading to ensure that the driveway is at the right level with your home. We consider many factors in this process, including erosion control, type of soil, and density.

Spokane Excavation Site Prep

You might be good with tools in your shed, but that’s no reason to take on the task of site prep yourself. Having done many Excavation Spokane, WA projects, we’ve seen our fair share of accidents and land problems that arise due to clients trying to take matters into their own hands. 

It’s best if you leave your driveway excavation Spokane WA or more extensive projects to us since we have the necessary skill set and equipment to perfect the project. 

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